The Goldman Brothers at Raine & Horne

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If you’ve ever seen the movie Inception you’ll know that the story revolves around a concept of several layers of dream… a dream within a dream, within a dream etc, etc. Similar when the Goldman Brothers first approached AMC to help establish their own brand, we quickly realised that they were a brand within a brand, within a brand! As principals of the two most successful agencies within the Raine & Horne network, their joint personal brand sits underneath the Raine & Horne Double Bay & Bondi Beach agency brand, which itself sits under the main Raine & Horne corporate brand. Our challenge was to raise the public profile of successful real estate agents and agency principals Mark & Barry Goldman, whilst at the same time deferring back to their agency brand and the top level master brand.

From our initial workshop sessions and follow up discussions, AMC was able to develop a complimentary branding structure, which promotes both the Goldman Brothers, their team and the agency all at the same time. Our integrated strategy covered branding, marketing, digital and social media.


From the development of their corporate identity, website and social media, through to printed flyers, brochures, sales kits and promotions/sponsorships (North Bondi SLSC) our focus has been on delivering their values and messaging constantly across areas of branding application. This has seen their public profile and subsequent property listings (and sales) increase dramatically throughout Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.


For further information please view our Goldman Brother Project Portfolio