Nike She Runs. Sydney 4th May 2013

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Nike She Runs 213 - Centennial Park Sydney

On the evening of the 4th of May Sydney’s Centennial Park  hosted the second Nike She Runs event. If you’ve never heard of ‘Nike She Runs’ then this is how their Facebook page describes it:

“We’re here to start a revolution, and create a running community, by women, for women. Glass ceilings mean nothing to us. We’re about challenging you, making YOU better. Tell us what you want and we’ll serve it up. Ready? Welcome to Nike She Runs”

From a ‘Experiential Branding’ point of view it doesn’t get much better. 5,000 highly motivated individuals coming together on a single night to celebrate running, sisterhood and the Nike brand. The lines between each concept strategically and very successfully blurred.

An amazing campaign integrating social, digital and traditional media, and culminating in an event that very much delivers on its promise.

Did you attend She Runs? What were your experiences pre, during and post the event?