Hotsprings, A New Brand Direction

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Hotsprings is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of Branded, Licensed and Private Label Apparel. They manage an award winning portfolio of business focused on producing quality clothing for department stores and value chains. They also supply to well over 2,000 retail stores in Australia and New Zealand.


AMC was brought in to refocus the Hotsprings corporate brand, provide direction and to establish a roadmap for building on their already impressive reputation.

Through a series of audits, boardroom level workshops and focussed group discussions, we were able to develop and document a fresh approach to their branding which has been used across their corporate, marketing and digital applications. Importantly a new Brand Essence document was developed, and has been used too great affect internally, further evolving the Hotsprings employer brand.

Though a new Hotsprings website was already being developed when AMC came on-board, it became apparent through our digital audit that there was a need to halt production immediately. Our concerns regarding website direction resulted in the creation by AMC of a digital strategy and a content strategy. The end result is a Hotsprings website that is focussed on positive user experience and defined calls to action, and has the ability to grow both content and brand reach exponentially. Importantly, AMC negotiated with the website developers on Hotsprings behalf and a completely new website was developed following the AMC digital, brand and content strategies at no extra cost.


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