BrandWash is a proprietary process developed by to AMC to ensure your existing brand remains fresh, relevant and competitive. It identifies the issues as well as opportunities, and creates a vision for your brand’s future. Developed in conjunction with your team, BrandWash is an integral part of AMC’s brand development process.

BrandWash is made up of four distinct phases:

  1. Brand Brief – In the form of a questionnaire, AMC supplies the client with custom briefing documentation. Completed by all relevant stakeholders and/or team members, the individual responses are then assessed, collated and presented back to the client for approval. This enables AMC to clarify and document your brand’s history, purpose and market position to date. It also gives opportunity for your team members and stakeholders to voice their concerns and ideas for your brand’s future.
  2. Brand Audit – A brand audit helps determine how effective your branding activities have been to date. More importantly, a well executed audit will highlight what your brand must now achieve in order to succeed. By focusing on research rather than assumption, a brand audit can help eliminate that all-too-common disconnect between how an organisation assumes their brand is perceived and how it is actually thought of by their clients, stakeholders and the industry in general.
  3. Team Workshop – Following a proven, proprietary process developed by AMC, we then host a team workshop, with the goal to discuss and clarify the three most important questions facing any brand. Who are we, what do we do and why do we do it?
  4. Brand Essence – All information to date is then used as a resource in the creation and documentation of your Brand Essence. This foundation document includes your agreed positioning, structure, values and promise.

 A Vision for Your Brand’s Future

The BrandWash process enables us to marry definitive research with inspiration and creativity in order to deliver a vision for your brand’s future. For more information on how a BrandWash can help refresh your brand please Contact AMC Creative.